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Ports to Remember is a series of half-hour programs about port wine with renowned, Canadian syndicated wine writer, Tony Aspler.

In conversation with the people who grow and pick the grapes, those who blend and age the wine, and the families, which have been producing port for centuries, Tony digs up the roots of the wine. He tours the rugged, terraced vineyards where the best port grapes grow and visits the centuries-old farms where the grapes are pressed underfoot in stone vessels as they have been for generations.

He travels up and down the Douro River Valley by boat, automobile and train where he discovers Paleolithic rock carvings, Roman roads an ancient riverboats.

Where the Douro River meets the Atlantic Ocean, Tony visits the vibrant cities of Oporto and Vila Nova da Gaia where port wine matures and where it meets the rest of the world.

In his travels, Tony discovers the history, the traditions, the culture and the fascination that makes this Ports to Remember.

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