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Our Best Seller Item: Port tongs

PORT WINE TONGS - Taylor’s Fladgate

Heat the tongs on the stove or with a propane torch. Clasp the tongs around the neck of your Port wine bottle and turn it around, gently, without disturbing the wine. Once the glass is evenly heated, remove the tongs and pass an ice cube around the glass until you will hear a musical crack. Lift off the top of the neck with a cloth and carefully decant the wine.

Price :$134.50
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(Elected as one of the "BEST GIFTS FOR THE WINE LOVER")

Gift-Pack on Sale: Vintage + Tongs

VINTAGE PORT 2011 + PORT WINE TONGS - Quinta do Portal

• Port tongs were invented in the eighteenth century as a way to cleanly break the neck of old bottles of vintage port whose corks might otherwise break, disintegrate or even get glued to the bottle neck due to port’s sugar content penetrating the cork.

• Quinta do Portal’s Vintage Port 2011 shows mature fruit retaining freshness and accessibility. It has a great minerality that balances very well with its power and concentration.

Sale Price :$245.50
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Moscatel Wines On Sale

Moscatel wines, much like Port is a fortified wine. Altough it is a great wine by itself, Moscatel is mainly a dessert wine produced in the Douro and in the Setúbal regions of Portugal.